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Custom Motorcycle Fabrication & Motorcycle Services

North Customs in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, specializes in custom fabrication. Turn to us for all of your bike needs, and we will make sure to do everything according to your preferences.

Custom Motorcycles

If you want us to customize your bike, we can build it from the ground up. We've customized many Harley Davidson™ bikes, but we also build all kinds of motorcycles and do all of the work, except upholstery. You can either bring the bike to us, or we will find one for you. Then, we disassemble and rebuild it according to the framework you want. We have a table jig we build on that is really accurate for building bikes. For custom work, we do the following:

• Fabrication
• Restoration
• Custom Builds
• Custom Wheels
• Paint Work or Custom Paint
• Body Work Repair
• Custom Handles
• Pin Striping
• Super Charge Blowers
• 26” and 30” Wheel Conversions
Custom Red Bike

Service & Repair

When you bring your bike to us, it will leave our shop looking brand new. To keep your bike running smoothly and road-ready, we offer the following general service and repair.

• Diagnostic Services • Brake Checks • Tune-Ups • Oil Changes


Our service and repair, as well as all custom work starts at $75 per hour.Custom paint starts at $100 per hour .We also provide maintenance for stock motorcycles at $75per hour. If your bike cannot be driven, we can pick it up for standard mileage fee of 50 cents  per mile as well as a 40-100 loading fee depending on location.